Welcome to Xiao International Executive Board. Greetings to all members of Xiao International who have joined. With the Xiao International Executive Board, it can increase friendship among fellow xiao clans throughout Indonesia. We open opportunities to collaborate with various agencies around the world and open up opportunities for anyone surnamed xiao to join the xiao international organization.
Currently international xiao has more than 1000 active members coming from various countries including Indonesia and is one of the largest clans in the world. As one of the largest clans in the world, it is necessary to have the right place for us to get together and get to know one another who will not only strengthen the relationship between the xiao clans but also preserve the culture that has been passed on to us.
Johnnie Sugiarto – Chairman Xiao International

Short History

At the end of the Qing dynasty, Chinese started to move to other countries to work there. The Xiao also moved to other countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Others migrated from Fujian to Taiwan.

In Malaysia and Singapore, direct transliterations from the various Chinese dialects were used to write Chinese surnames. The Hokkien or Teochew Chinese romanized “Xiao” as “Seow”. Teochew “Seow” are mainly Xiao from Chaoyang in Guangdong province. The Hakka Xiao, especially Huizhou Hakka of Titi (知知港) (in Negeri Sembilan state of Malaysia), a village with a high concentration of Hakka people surnamed Xiao, romanized “Xiao” as “Siow” or “Seow”. These days, some members of younger generations use hanyu pinyin and write their surname as “Xiao”.

In the United States, the surname is also, albeit less commonly, romanized as “Shaw”.

Xiao International Executive Board

Upcoming Events

Xiao international event calendar.

11th Xiao Clan Global Convention

The eleventh international Xiao Clan Global Convention will be attended by thousands of participants from all over the world including from Indonesia and this year Indonesia is the host in organizing this conference. At this eleventh conference, associations of xiao clans from various countries will be present to carry out a procession of respect for ancestors as well as to increase the relationship between the xiao clans.

Event Details
7th – 9th September 2018

Location: Jakarta – Indonesia

Executive Board

Xiao International Executive Board

What Is Xiao International Executive Board?

Xiao International Executive Board is a world organization which is a gathering place for the Xiao Clan from all over the world. The existence of this organization is expected to strengthen the relationship between the xiao clans that exist today.